Benefits Of Using A Turntable Wrapping Machine With Pallets

27 August 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you have a site that involves pallets as a structure to store products, then you'll probably end up putting stretch wrap to keep the products more secure. A turntable wrapping machine would be an amazing investment for these activities, particularly because of these reasons.

Automatic Rotation

If you tried to secure stretch wrap-around products on pallets, that's a lot of movement you have to perform. That wouldn't be the best situation if you have to wrap a lot of pallets in a short period of time. With a turntable wrapping machine, you get to enjoy automatic rotation.

As soon as pallets are loaded onto the turntable and you've placed products on them appropriately, you can engage the turntable. It will begin to rotate automatically while you hold the stretch wrap and navigate it over different parts of the pallets. That saves you a ton of work and speeds up these wrapping activities.

Multiple Speed Settings

You might require more than one speed option when wrapping products to pallets. You won't have to buy an entirely different turntable machine to engage in different speed settings because there are multiple options included in just one system. 

Some pallets might work better when you go slow and steady, and then other pallets might require a faster turning speed. Since you have multiple options, you're not limited in the things you can do with this important pallet packaging resource. Just make sure you observe the correct safety protocols regardless of what speed you use. 

Foot Pedal Operation

Since your hands will be holding stretch wrap to put around products on pallets, you still need a way to operate a turntable wrapping machine safely and effectively. You can because almost every single model features foot pedal capabilities.

You can press on this foot pedal once when you want to activate the turntable at a selected speed, and then press it again when you need to cease operation. That's going to make this instrument a lot easier to use rather than having to control it with your hands. The foot pedal design also improves operator safety because you can quickly step on the pedal if there's a potential problem. 

Putting stretch wrap around pallets with products isn't something that has to be difficult any more thanks to turntable wrapping machines. If you get a model that's strategically set up to support your stretch wrapping operations, you'll save energy and also improve safety for those that are involved in these wrapping operations. 

For more information about buying turntable wrapping equipment, contact a local supplier.