What Kind of Noise Can a Commerical Acoustic Carpet Sponge Block?

19 May 2018
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Whether you own and rent out apartment buildings, multi-family homes, or anything in between, you probably already know that one of the most common complaints tenants have is about noise. More often than not, noise complaints arise from downstairs neighbors with what they perceive as noisy upstairs neighbors.

And while it is true that some tenants can be noisier than others, it's also true some buildings just aren't as thoroughly padded as they should be. While basic carpet pads can go a long way in reducing general noise from an upstairs dwelling to a downstairs one, more heavy-duty options are often necessary to keep the peace.

One great option for doing just that is to install a commercial acoustic carpet sponge underneath the carpet. This simple addition can resolve almost any noise complaint by blocking out all kinds of different noises and sounds. Here are three types of common noise complaints that will be cancelled or reduced by installing an acoustic carpet sponge.

1. Noisy Children

First off, it is important to understand that basic carpet pads are designed only to counteract basic noise, like the sound of adults walking at a normal rate around their home.

They are not designed, however, to block out the sounds of running, often screaming, children. However, though, many families living in multi-tenant dwellings do have children.

If you are tired of hearing tenants complain about running, jumping kids or even screaming babies, know that a good acoustic carpet sponge can solve this problem.

2. Bass

More often than not, when tenants complain about noisy music or television sounds from upstairs, what they are actually upset about is the bass effect.

Televisions and music produce bass, a low but persistent sound that, if strong enough, can cause actual vibrations to be experienced by the downstairs tenants.

Carpet pads will not work to block out these annoying sounds, but a good acoustic sponge can do the trick and stop the complaining.

3. Pet Noise

Just as children can sometimes present a nuisance for downstairs neighbors, so can pets. Even the most well-behaved dogs, for example, are guaranteed to bark from time to time.

If you don't want to lose out on pet deposits, pet fees, and the marketability of being animal friendly, know that a good carpet sponge can solve your problem.

As you can see, commercial acoustic carpet sponges are useful in many ways. For this reason, if you are committed to keeping all of your tenants happy, a commercial acoustic carpet sponge is a great investment for your properties.